Hi, I was just going through the Prefect Orion rel...
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Hi, I was just going through the Prefect Orion release notes 2.0b7, it says Ray and Dask are now part of collection - “_Split Ray and Dask task runners into their own collections”_ Though if I look at the requirements.txt, I could see the reference of the Ray package - The reason I am raising is because I am using slightly older version of Red Hat that does not work with the Ray and so I had to pip install prefect without dependency and if the Ray is removed from the requirements, that would make my life easy, thanks. https://github.com/PrefectHQ/prefect/blob/orion/requirements.txt#L29
I'll as the team. Monday is a public holiday, so we may get a response from the team on Tuesday about the current state, but the plan is to entirely remove the Ray dependency from the core package to make installation such as in your use case easier - I'm confident that Ray will be excluded from the core library in the GA release. The
is already separated into this package https://github.com/PrefectHQ/prefect-ray/blob/main/prefect_ray/task_runners.py and I assume the only reason it's still available in the core package is to provide users some transition period to switch their imports.
Ok, I got a confirmation that RayTaskRunner will be removed from the core package already in the next release which is planned for this Wednesday @Vipul
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Wonderful, thanks Anna
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