I am looking at new prefect 2.0 beta7 UI great job...
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I am looking at new prefect 2.0 beta7 UI great job on the refresh. It seems like the deployment page is lacking a lot of information. For instance when you create a deployment and view it in the UI I don't see many properties. You have to go use the cli (prefect inspect) to see all the properties. It would be great if I could easily see the see all the deployment properties in the UI without having to use the CLI. Any chance we can information in a later release?
Hi @Rajvir Jhawar - thanks for the feedback! Can you give some examples of the properties you'd expect in the UI that you aren't seeing?
@Jenny As an example when you use the cli:
prefect deployment inspect <deployment_name>
You get the following:
'id': '2262a77b-aa71-4df5-9a62-0498133b1027',
'created': '2022-06-29T22:41:50.818174+00:00',
'updated': '2022-06-29T23:40:41.666274+00:00',
'name': 'k8s-example',
'flow_id': '88fcc52b-c264-493f-a1d3-96df1be7e110',
'flow_data': {
'encoding': 'blockstorage',
'blob': '{"data": "\\"ae1f6efd-f3e8-47ce-b22c-52fb240a1287\\"",
"block_document_id": "d568bd1a-0254-4a2d-8632-b8d5a5a38ada"}'
'schedule': None,
'is_schedule_active': True,
'parameters': {},
'tags': [],
'flow_runner': {
'type': 'kubernetes',
'config': {
'env': {},
'job': {
'kind': 'Job',
'spec': {
'template': {
'spec': {
'containers': [
{'env': [], 'name': 'prefect-job'}
'metadata': {'labels': {}},
'apiVersion': 'batch/v1'
'image': 'prefecthq/prefect:2.0b7-python3.9',
'labels': {},
'namespace': 'default',
'stream_output': True,
'customizations': [
'op': 'add',
'value': {'cpu': '500m'}
'restart_policy': None,
'image_pull_policy': None,
'service_account_name': None,
'job_watch_timeout_seconds': 5,
'pod_watch_timeout_seconds': 5
I would have expected the UI to have the same information. For instance its missing: 1. updated time --> useful to know if your changes got pushed to the cloud 2. specific flow runner details (in the UI you only add the type) 3. more specific flow data details It be nice if the UI would mirror the data in CLI so you don't have to switch back and forth between the two.
Thanks for the extra info! I can add a ticket for that.
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