Hi! Small question about Prefect 2.0. Is there any...
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Hi! Small question about Prefect 2.0. Is there any concept similar to Secrets in Prefect 1.0? I used to store all my secrets in
and access them via Secrets API or
. But I can't find anything similar in 2.0
the only secret related thing I could find
If you go to: https://orion-docs.prefect.io/collections/catalog/ and select you cloud provider there should be information about the secret managers that you can interface with. Generally though i don't think prefect 2 has generic secret concept yet or the ability to store secrets using the prefect cloud. I could be wrong. Hopefully the prefect devs can chime in here
No equivalent yet because it will be released along with other work (but part of general availability)
Yeah if you are on AWS, you could use their secret manager
ok, thanks. cloud secrets can be a solution, but its not for free and +1 thing to rewrite in flows from prefect 1.0