:wave: Hello, team! I would like to get recommenda...
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šŸ‘‹ Hello, team! I would like to get recommendation. Iā€™m attracted to use prefect but not so much to run jobs on agent but as general programming model to create reusable task which are then in turn orchestrated in flows. Problem I have is that I would like to run flow like this:
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flow_run_reference = flow.run()
for result in flow_run_reference.task_results:
    yield result.json()
basically stream tasks result using say fastapi as soon as it finishes not waiting until whole flow finish
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I'd recommend checking Prefect 2.0 - you can run your flows from anywhere and do a lot on top of that, plus the entire orchestration engine is all already based on FastAPI
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thank you Anna, I will check it
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