what's best practice for dealing with Storage? We ...
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what's best practice for dealing with Storage? We have our flows in github and for testing we want them to run locally in checked out repo using
Storage, but then for production we want the same flow to run on our ECS agent using a
storage pointing to the same repo. With the
config it can run on either agent, but how do we make the storage conditional so it uses the correct storage depending on which agent it's targetted to?
This can’t be done because you need storage to be defined at registration time so this will take two separate registrations. This is part of the reason storage was decoupled from deployment
so how is this typically handled? Define two `Flow`s for each set of tasks, one with Local and one with GitHub? Or edit the source code to test with a local agent vs ECS agent?
I think something like that. You can define a flow in one script with no storage. And then import it from a second script and attach the storage and run config and then call register. So you can decouple the reregistration script and that makes things a bit better
So your registration script can take parameters through CLI that then push it to dev or prod.
to attach a storage to a flow later, should I directly access the attribute
myflow.storage = GitHub()
or do I add the flow to the storage
Exactly, just the first one
Just note executor specifically needs to be defined in the flow itself because it’s not serialized along with the Flow. RunConfig, Storage are fine to attach this way