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Arthur Jacquemart

06/27/2022, 7:32 PM
Hello prefect community, I am using "manual_only" trigger for the first time and I noticed that when I resume the flow, the variables computed downstream the manual task are not kept in memory. Is that the correct behaviour or am i doing something wrong?Should i take a look how to persistently cache these previous results ( or there is a simpler solution? Thank you for your help!
My flow is as follow:
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def f():
  return [1,2,3]
def g(list):
  return [l+1 for l in list]

with Flow(..) as flow:
  list_for_g = f()
  new_list = g(list_for_g)
and in the logs i can see that the "list_for_g" is None when passed through the task g

Kevin Kho

06/28/2022, 8:37 AM
Yeah I think you need a result configured here because it’s a new python process that starts so it needs to retrieve it from. somewhere