I’m running Prefect Server in an airgapped environ...
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I’m running Prefect Server in an airgapped environment with certain restrictions on ports. I wasn’t able to see the UI at all until I used
. So now I can see the UI framework but it isn’t pulling actual data and things remain looking like in the attached screenshot. What do I need to know about how data is pulled from the other containers in order to troubleshoot this? I tried setting other ports to numbers in the unrestricted range but those caused various problems (server startup not completing, or commands like
prefect create project
hanging). In order to troubleshoot these two issues, what information could help me? How does the UI get data from other containers (and which ones), and what could be preventing the communication? BTW Prefect server seems to work just fine, I can run flows successfully.
UI pulls from the API and then pulls from the database. So it would seem your UI is pointing to the wrong API? did you set something like this before starting server:
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    apollo_url = "<http://YOUR_MACHINES_PUBLIC_IP:4200/graphql>"
I did not, but that does make sense to me, I’ll try it! Should that really be
at the end of the
I believe that’s right. I copied from here
gratitude thank you 1