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luke b

06/23/2022, 5:57 AM
Hi, in Prefect 1.0+cloud I’ve triggered a flow run (“run1”, running v1 of the flow), say with tasks A->B->C->D. Task C has failed. Task B, a long-running task that assembled a dataset, succeeded. I’d like to de-bug C. Clicking into the task run for B in the UI, I see there is a path for “Result Location”. 1) What syntax can I use to load Task B’s result into a dataframe in an ipynb? (To help me try to re-create the error of Task C in an interactive environment.) 2) Assume I identify the problem in Task C and make the correct code changes. I need to re-register the flow, which updates the flow version to v2. Is there any way for me to partially re-run the flow, such that it starts with v2 Task C picking up the result from v1 Task B, so I don’t have to re-run the long process that succeeded? thanks for considering these!

Kevin Kho

06/23/2022, 6:44 AM
If you already know where the file lives, you can just download it and open. If you use the default Result, it in pickled so you can use
on the file that you open. For the second question, targets are the mechanism to say not to re-run a task if the output file already exists so you would set this on task b when you re-register

luke b

06/23/2022, 8:59 PM