hi, i am getting sometimes "error occured while cr...
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hi, i am getting sometimes "error occured while creating new work queue" when creating new work-queue from the ui [prefect 2.0]
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# prefect version Version: 2.0b6 API version: 0.5.0 Python version: 3.8.13 Git commit: 502ee008 Built: Tue, Jun 7, 2022 4:58 PM OS/Arch: linux/x86_64 Profile: default Server type: ephemeral Server: Database: sqlite SQLite version: 3.34.1
creating work-queue from CLI is working fine..
but even the list of queue is not matching with the list in the ui..
ui work-queue is empty
creating queue from ui
this happening mostly when i change the port or orion host
I couldn't reproduce that - is it possible that you have multiple profiles and you are comparing queues from different profiles?
@Tarek this happening mostly when i change the port or orion host
This may indeed be your issue - something is not working with that apparently, can you try the same with the default setup and confirm that that's working? alternatively, you can sign up for Cloud (free to use): beta.prefect.io
the default setup and also the cloud both are working fine...only if i change the port, things not working well
Could you stick to the default port or is changing port necessary? I can open an issue to cross-check with the team
@Marvin open "Work queues not working properly when starting Orion with a different port"
i can stick for the moment with the same port...the default port is conflicting with other services which we run, thats why i wanted to change..i will try to change the other service port..
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prefect version
output shows that you’re not connecting to an API, you’re using an ephemeral server with a local database.
You’ll need to set
to the url that you’re hosting the API at. Similarly, you can set
in the container hosting the UI to indicate that UI client’s should make API requests to that URL. This is a shortcut for setting
Hi, was this ever resolved?
I believe so, if this doesn't work for you, could you document your steps and add to the issue? thanks in advance