Two questions. What is the collective noun for pe...
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Two questions. What is the collective noun for people who use Prefect? Is there a command that tries to communicate with an Orion server in a "hello world" sense to purely test for connectivity? I would like to perform an initial test up from before starting my python workflow. I have a self-hosted Orion server and the aim is purely to make sure this Orion server is accessible.
We're all Prefectionists 🙂 I don't think there is a CLI command, but you could:
async with OrionClient(API_URL) as client:
result = await client.hello()
result2 = await client.api_healthcheck()
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Prefectionists is actually pretty awesome. I had seen a
check available on the REST api side of things. Having a CLI entry point for this as a straight up test (say in a bash script where we test against an exit code) would be stellar
Hey Tim! If you've got feature requests, the best way to get it on our map and under evaluation is through an issue. Could you create one here:
I think something like
prefect cloud hello
prefect orion hello
could be reasonable additions
Added an issue 🙂
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