# prefect-ui

Dan Lidral-Porter

11/22/2022, 7:17 PM
I'm unable to use after I successfully authenticate, I'm redirected to my team's page, but the UI never fully loads (layout's all there, but content isn't). I have had this problem for weeks, on multiple different fully-updated web browsers (Firefox, Safari, Chrome), two different MacOS versions (10.14 Mojave and 12.6 Monterey), and two different physical machines with separate MacOS installs (i.e. one machine's MacOS install was not migrated to the other). In the console, I see a worker error, and then Content Security Policy violations. Can someone help me figure out what's going on? I feel like that xkcd character who always has bizarre computer problems, since my teammates don't see this but it seems to always happen to me regardless of any variable that I can (e.g. browser, OS, or physical machine). I'm starting to suspect that somehow my user account in the Prefect backend is corrupted, since no client-side change seem to make a difference. I was able to successfully load the UI in late September, but since early-mid October, I've always had this problem
might not be related but similar