Madison Schott

11/21/2022, 10:40 PM
Hi all, deploying a Prefect pipeline that uses dbt models- I upgraded to their new 2.0 version and then had to downgrade again to run our production pipeline (my mistake- I needed to create a venv). I changed my DockerFile to use this image from Prefect-
FROM prefecthq/prefect:1.4.0-python3.9
and now I get this error when running
dbt deps

Mason Menges

11/22/2022, 11:17 PM
Hey @Madison Schott were you able to get this sorted out? if not would you be able to share the docker image, it might also be necessary to install DBT core as part of the Dockerfile if you aren't already doing so I don't think that comes with the base image, though I'm not 100% sure on that.