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Sagar Utekar

11/21/2022, 7:34 AM
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Containers Are Going Strong ....

Gartner believes that 70% of organizations will be running multiple containerized apps by 2023. Momentum has definitely grown, and it's led us to some very humbling discoveries in 2022: Docker is the #1 most loved development tool, and remains the #1 most-wanted tool.

Docker, Inc, the company that sparked the modern container trend with the Docker Engine, offers a full, enterprise-ready container platform called Docker Enterprise Edition. Keeping with the Docker tradition of making complicated technology easier to consume, the Docker platform abstracts the complexity, making orchestration, security, and operations integrated components of the Dev to Ops workflow and easier to use.

This month, the @Docker Pune community is coming together to conduct another meetup. This is a 100% FREE event and all you need is to reserve your seat by clicking on RSVP.

This meetup is open for all (whether you are a university/engineering student, professor, working full-time into MNCs or startup company, Product Manager, Founder or even CEOs/CIOs). Based on the past event where we saw huge interest around the ways to better use Docker, we are bringing speakers together again to keep you abreast of the upcoming tools and technologies.

If you would like to speak at the event, fill up CFP details here - <>

As this is community driven event, we are looking for interested companies/people/colleges to sponsor venue for about 100-150 people and the food.
Please reach out to me if you have any leads.
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Anna Geller

11/21/2022, 1:46 PM
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