Hi can someone help me understand what the arg on ...
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Hi can someone help me understand what the arg on triggers are used for i.e. upstream_states. For example,
. This is for prefect 1 btw.
hi @Michael Z - it might be helpful to look at an example
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from prefect import Flow, task, triggers

def something_that_succeeds():
    print("I succeed!")
def something_that_fails():
    raise ValueError("I fail!") 

def as_long_as_we_get_here():
    print(".. I'll run!")

def only_if_all_upstream_succeed():
    print(".. only then, will I run")

with Flow('My Flow') as flow:
    a = something_that_succeeds() 
    b = something_that_fails()
    c = as_long_as_we_get_here(upstream_tasks=[a, b]) 
    d = only_if_all_upstream_succeed(upstream_tasks=[a, b])

if __name__ == "__main__":
so pretty much
says "run this task when all its upstream tasks have a terminal state, whether those states are Failed or Successful" in contrast to
, which requires all upstream task states be in a successful state for that task to run + more of them