Tushar Gupta

11/18/2022, 12:50 PM
Hi Everyone! I need your help . I want to run my code as mentioned below: 1. Expectations: It takes 3 Parameters config_name,table_name,table_key and when I pass it to get_config(get_config is a Prefect Task) it should fetch some data from dynamoDb then pass it to run_config_processor(also a prefect Task) 2. Actual: It is calling run_config_processor without getting the data from get_config. It is running fine on my local.
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I have not used .run() in get_config(a prefect task) because I have seen that prefect automatically calls .run on task but on local I use .run().
I want run_config_processor to run after getting the result from get_config task
Get_config is returning None

Mason Menges

11/21/2022, 7:39 PM
Hey @Tushar Gupta Would you be able to provide an example of the flow code your running? Nothing in the snippet you have above looks out of place as best I can tell. Also for the sake of argument do you have results configured for your flow or no?

Tushar Gupta

11/22/2022, 1:31 AM
Hello @Mason Menges I have shared code example here . Just to keep all the conversation here.