Hello Prefect! I followed the contributing page (n...
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Hello Prefect! I followed the contributing page (newest prefect 2.6.8), but when I run "prefect dev start", I got some error like "AttributeError: 'ArgumentInfo' object has no attribute 'replace'"
I've searched in docs.prefect.io, stackoverflow, discourse, github, but I didn't find a similar situation.
I clone the code, last commit id:
commit 472780717dc27ae637cd8aa96ef21617c70b59f1 (HEAD -> main, origin/main, origin/HEAD) Author: Terrence Dorsey <terrence@prefect.io> Date: Thu Nov 17 190016 2022 -0500 Update announce bar for 2.6.8 (#7578)
I get this too! We actually don’t use this much in practice
If you’re interested in poking around in it, you could suggest fixes. Otherwise, you don’t really need it to develop.
okay, I thougt it was a special bug.
So How do I start developing? Just modify the code and build it then start the sever?
I want to develop a new notification interface, not apprise