Manuel Garrido Peña

11/17/2022, 9:32 AM
hey folks, maybe this is a stupid question, but Why isnt there a way to trigger a dag from the CLI with custom parameters in prefect 2.0? in 1.0, you could do
params= X=y
, why did we remove such awesome feature?

Peyton Runyan

11/17/2022, 11:09 AM
Hey there! Checkout out
prefect deployment run --help
to see what's available to you. But long story short it's still very much an option
~ prefect deployment run --help
Usage: prefect deployment run [OPTIONS] [NAME]

  Create a flow run for the given flow and deployment.

  The flow run will be scheduled for now and an agent must execute it.

  The flow run will not execute until an agent starts.

  [NAME]  A deployed flow's name: <FLOW_NAME>/<DEPLOYMENT_NAME>

  --id TEXT         A deployment id to search for if no name is given
  -p, --param TEXT  A key, value pair (key=value) specifying a flow parameter.
                    The value will be interpreted as JSON. May be passed
                    multiple times to specify multiple parameter values.
  --params TEXT     A mapping of parameters to values. To use a stdin, pass
                    '-'. Any parameters passed with `--param` will take
                    precedence over these values.
  --help            Show this message and exit.