Hi Prefect! I'm running a parent flow that maps th...
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Hi Prefect! I'm running a parent flow that maps the parameters into deployments runs. I have to wait that all deployments runs has been complete to execute other flow. My parent flow execute all the deployments and them runs correctly, but the flow after the deployments runs was not executed. I got
Invalid input ConnectionInputs.RECV_PING in state ConnectionState.CLOSED
complete logs in the thread.
I noticed that the crash was one hour after it begins and I the deployments have different time of execution. I made a test running only 2 deployments and it works.
We believe this is an upstream bug
Are you using Prefect Cloud?
Hi @Zanie yes I'm using prefect cloud.
Would you mind adding your logs to that issue? We’re going to reach out the the httpcore maintainers as this is a bit outside of our control.
I added it. What could be an alternative to run deployments in parallelly and when all has complete trigger another flow?