Anders Smedegaard Pedersen

11/15/2022, 8:42 PM
Open Question, asking to learn: Why would I schedule an AWS Batch job with Prefect, instead of using the native Batch scheduling?

Kalise Richmond

11/15/2022, 9:59 PM
Hey @Anders Smedegaard Pedersen this is a great question for the #prefect-aws channel. Prefect is great for observation or visibility into the batch job, especially if you need to do something before or after the batch job has triggered or completed. If all you need to do is run a batch job than just use batch but the moment you need something more, Prefect is perfect.
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Anders Smedegaard Pedersen

11/16/2022, 6:45 AM
Thanks for the answer @Kalise Richmond 🙏🏼