Hi guys, I am testing the UI on my local machine....
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Hi guys, I am testing the UI on my local machine. I have scheduled some flows to run every 30 seconds. After a while, the interface becomes slower and freezes. So, is there any way to remove the old flow statistics to optimize the performance of the UI? For example configure the prefect server to keep only the last 500 flows on the database. Thank you!
Hi seghair, thanks for raising this. Does this occur when you are on a specific page? Does conducting a hard refresh on the page improve the latency? This sounds like the browser cache may be filling up with old data.
Also just to clarify, is this for the Cloud 1.0 or 2. UI?
Hi Bianca, Thanks for your response. This happened only on the "Flows runs" page. The only way to fixed was by reset the database with CLI
prefect orion database reset
This is on my local machine trying to do a PoC