I've run into an extremely strange docker-related ...
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I've run into an extremely strange docker-related issue where Prefect appears to be duplicating all the folders I've added to my docker image. In my docker files, I copy a bunch of folders to /opt/prefect/flows. Inspecting my created image, I can see that the folders are there, and nowhere else. However, when I inspect the container that is being run by Prefect using a deployment, all contents of /opt/prefect/flows have been duplicated to /opt/prefect. Is this behavior intended? I believe it might be related to the following settings in my deployment.yaml, but I can't figure out what I'd set them to in order to prevent this from happening:
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path: /opt/prefect/flows
entrypoint: orchestration/flows/test_curated.py:default
the /opt/prefect/flows is a default path for where Prefect would look for flows, but the default working directory of any Prefect base image is still /opt/prefect, so if you copy any files, copy those there and if needed, adjust the --path /opt/prefect instead of --path /opt/prefect/flows on your deployment
Okay! I figured it'd be best to only write to flows/, instead one of my chosen folder names conflicts with a current or future Prefect folder name.. But I guess I'll notice if that were to happen. I'll try overriding the path, thank you. I guess it's not an "extremely strange" issue after all, but it had me quite confused!
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Your solution works perfectly, thank you! blob attention gif
great work! 🚀
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(and you're fast!)
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