Hi. There is the following suggestion in the <pref...
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Hi. There is the following suggestion in the prefect-dask documentation:
Then, register to view the block on Prefect Cloud:
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prefect block register -m prefect_dask.credentials
But there is no module
. And I get the following error (not a surpirse):
```Unable to load prefect_dask.credentials. Please make sure the module is installed in your current
I wonder if this module has ever existed? Or maybe there are plans to create it?
@Andrew Huang I believe there is not credentials block for prefect-dask. Is that correct?
there aren't any blocks to register from this collection, we just haven't updated the docs on the PyPI page yet but @Evgeny Ivanov you can find the most recent documentation here in the README
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Khuyen, Nate, thank you for the answers. It was clear for me, that there are no blocks in this collection. But after seeing this line in documentation I thought, that there might be plans to add it. It could be useful if I want to have different dask settings in dev and prod environments but don't want to hardcode them. In my case I just created a simple custom block:
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class DaskTaskRunnerConfig(Block):
    """Dask Task Runner Config.

        address (str, optional): Address of a currently running dask scheduler;
            if one is not provided, a temporary cluster will be created in
            `DaskTaskRunner.start()`.  Defaults to `None`.
        cluster_class (str, optional): The cluster class to use when creating
            a temporary dask cluster. Should be the full class name
            (e.g. `"distributed.LocalCluster"`).
        cluster_kwargs (dict, optional): Additional kwargs to pass to the
            `cluster_class` when creating a temporary dask cluster.
        adapt_kwargs (dict, optional): Additional kwargs to pass to
            `cluster.adapt` when creating a temporary dask cluster. Note that
            adaptive scaling is only enabled if `adapt_kwargs` are provided.
        client_kwargs (dict, optional): Additional kwargs to use when creating a
    _block_type_name = 'Dask Task Runner Config'

    address: str | None = None
    cluster_class: str | None = None
    cluster_kwargs: dict | None = None
    adapt_kwargs: dict | None = None
    client_kwargs: dict | None = None

    def create_task_runner(self) -> DaskTaskRunner:
        return DaskTaskRunner(
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That sounds interesting! I created an issue here: https://github.com/PrefectHQ/prefect-dask/issues/48
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