Hey all - I seem to get unlimited help from all of...
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Hey all - I seem to get unlimited help from all of the incredible prefect peeps on the #prefect-community channel, so thought that in some way/shape/form may be useful to others. It is very much specific to my use case, but maybe there are pieces that others can use. It is a CI pattern I am using for a repository of ECSTask flows that run across different workspaces in Prefect 2.0. The scripts might help out others. Have a look and feel free to shoot me any questions. https://github.com/bennnym/prefect-ci-pattern
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very cool, thanks so much for sharing! I see now why you need cpu and memory overrides as alternative to YAML, you could also attach a schedule using
prefect deployment set-schedule
even though I guess your goal was that everything is configurable through YAML, correct? and this is why you skip upload during build and add --upload to apply step?
yep, that is exactly right @Anna Geller. I took your advice and moved away from the python object based deployments and went with the cli, I think this works well
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nice work and very cool to see you even added some emojis to make the output look nice šŸ˜Ž
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With the latest changes from https://github.com/PrefectHQ/prefect/pull/7282 (v2.6.6+) you could provide the schedule with a timezone directly in the build command.
Interesting! You say you took @Anna Gellerā€™s advice to move away from Python-based deployments essentially? I am currently not yet decided on which makes most sense. Could one of you elaborate on why CLI is better versus e.g. the
? Also, if I understand your scripts correctly, you define the schedule (and other things that are essentially not having defaults, or to simply override defaults) in the
file right?
Yeah that's right @Michiel Verburg. As mentioned it is very specific to my use case as I bundle up all my repos deps and use one image. Tbh the argument @Anna Geller made is that deployments are configuration and python should be used for business logic. After some thought I agreed, so I went with the cli.
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