Hi everyone, We use Prefect server and we self-hos...
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Hi everyone, We use Prefect server and we self-host it on a Kubernetes cluster. We recently upgraded from Prefect 0.15.6 to 1.3.1, and I noticed that the UI acts differently after the upgrade. With the previous version, we used to see the flows immediately on UI load, now we have to go manually to the projects list and select the project we needed to view; only then the chart would start to load. In other words, the 'all projects' item in the drop down menu doesn't show any information. Another thing I noticed is that the 'flows' tab doesn't show any flows either. Has anybody faced this issue with v1.3.1 or other versions? Do you have any suggestions to fix this UI behavior? Extra note: We didn't want to upgrade to v2 as we have a number of flows written using the previous syntax, and changing them now would be time consuming. I hope that there is a suggestion to fix that without having to upgrade!
Hi Mo, Is there an issue with this behavior? What does your use-case look like? Depending on how many flows and flow runs, pre-fetching this data could be computationally expensive when pulling from the database. Once it has been loaded, it should be cached for a period of time however and reload as you navigate
I am wondering what changed because it used to work fine. You would generally expect 'All Projects' to show all projects, but the case is that it shows an empty dashboard, unless you choose a specific project.
What's also interesting is the empty dashboard on the Flows tab. Although we do have flows (running, completed ..etc), none of them is showing on Flows tab. You only see a flow if you browse through to its specific flow page.
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Hi all, I am still looking for suggestions regards this issue. Flows not showing in the UI Flows tab, and 'All projects' doesn't show any data. I would appreciate any recommendations to restore this to normal.
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are you able to connect to your graphQL endpoint? can you query your projects via API to confirm that this is a UI issue or something else? might be worth clearing browser history/cookies, try in a different browser and if needed, consider restarting your server
@Anna Geller Yes I can use the interactive API to query graphQL. The project details can be queried normally. I added some screenshots below. First screenshot is for the default UI dashboard with no data showing under all projects, second screenshot shows the data shown when a project is selected.
rolling your containers could be worth trying (essentially restarting the container serving your UI)
if graphQL is reachable, and server can reach it and UI apparently also, then there can't be any issue - must be some transient disconnect (network issue etc)
what if you create a new tenant or a new project?
Will try container restart. That's actually a new project and a new tenant. My old setup works fine and shows all projects. The issue started only with the new server
gotcha, if you're using a new version, you may need to manually run DB migration
Tried db upgrade then pod restart. That didn't impact the UI unfortunately. I noticed another section of the UI that doesn't load -
No activity
for a failed run. It's expected to show the flow steps, highlighting the failed step.
interesting, I don't know what is wrong there given that another project and all components are working. if that's critical for you, perhaps you can open an issue on the server repo
A colleague found the solution today. Interestingly enough, it was just about the entry HASURA_GRAPHQL_V1_BOOLEAN_NULL_COLLAPSE in the docker-compose yaml file. Coming from a previous Prefect version, we didn't need to specify that value back then. After adding it to the yaml file today we updated the container, and problem solved! https://github.com/PrefectHQ/prefect/blob/1.x/src/prefect/cli/docker-compose.yml
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I forgot about it, correct - this variable was often helpful. How did you find it? via discourse? https://discourse.prefect.io/t/troubleshooting-server-migration-to-hasura-2-0-and-prefect-1-1/825