Hey all :wave:! A quick rundown of IRL and virtual...
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Hey all šŸ‘‹! A quick rundown of IRL and virtual events over the next ~2 weeks (there's a bunch!). ā€¢ 5/11 at 3p: PrefectLive with @Andrew Huang! Andrew will demo creating a repeatable data pipeline with Snowflake ā€¢ 5/12 at 7p: NYC area meetup hosted by @Jenny and @Chris White! šŸ» ā€¢ 5/17 at 1p: @Kalise Richmond is back with her bi-weekly beginners Prefect demo! Come ask as many questions as you'd like. ā€¢ 5/18 at 3p: PrefectLive with the unforgettable @George Coyne, I'm sure there will be some hyjinx. ā€¢ 5/18-19 the Prefect team will be in-person at GlueCon (and hosting a happy hour), look out for a blue duck if you're there! ā€¢ 5/20 at 4p: Fireside Chat with @Chris White and @Jeremiah ā€¢ 5/24 at 2p: The Hex team joins Prefect for a livestream. If you're an analyst (or you support teams using Hex), this is the session for you. Don't forget that you can see all of our livestreams here.
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