Hey team! I am trying to run flows off of an agen...
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Hey team! I am trying to run flows off of an agent on a windows server and am getting this error while starting a flow run: "083200.000 | INFO | prefect.agent - Completed submission of flow run 'a441fbfb-26bb-481a-8d87-d992532e38a8' 'C:\Program' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file." I know windows support is under development, does anyone know what this issue could be?
To me, it looks like a path is not properly escaped, and the space between 'Program' and 'Files' is splitting the path into two arguments. What the resolution is I do not know without trying to get a close look at the code and set up.
I agree with Tim - the space in 'Program Files' is causing the problem. I'll check if we have an issue open for this and open one if not. The immediate workaround would be to run Prefect from a location that has no spaces in the path.
Thanks you two, that is what I figured the issue was, currently working on setting up a venv with no spaces to give it a test. If this is an issue that gets raised, please let me know!
I have the same problem too. So did you solve it, Stephen?