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Evgeny Ivanov

11/08/2022, 11:36 AM
Hi again! I'm trying to set up SQLAlchemy Database Credentials through Prefect UI. What is the format for the Connect Args field? Is it
'param': 'value'
or something else? Anyway after editing this field I cannot create the Block. Chome gives me the following error. UPD. I've found out that I have to fill Query and Connect Args either with some values or with
. And the right format for Connect Args is JSON:
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  "param": "value"
P.S. Btw, I cannot create Block in Firefox. Is this browser not supported?

Jeff Hale

11/08/2022, 6:55 PM
Hmm. Sorry about the issues Evgeny. Relatively recent versions of Firefox should work fine. Does it work in other browsers? Does everything else in Firefox look ok? You might want to link/cross-post post in #prefect-ui channel. Today is election day in the US, and Prefect is off, so responses might be slow from the Prefect folks.

Evgeny Ivanov

11/09/2022, 5:16 AM
Sorry, I posted to the wrong channel) Everything else works fine in Firefox so far. I managed to solve my task with Chrome, so the issue is not urgent anyway.