I wonder if anyone has a similar use-case to ours,...
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I wonder if anyone has a similar use-case to ours, where we want to let an application (so end-users indirectly) trigger tasks in our Prefect installation. So basically event-driven. I know it’s possible, but I wonder what the best practice is? Currently we are thinking we should add an abstraction layer, especially so that we have a consistent API since the workings of it might change (the way we query a flow/deployment I believe changes when we switch to using Kubernetes for example, and we want our application back-end to be agnostic of that, especially because different people are responsible for that). But is it silly to put a FastAPI in front of Prefect, which under water also uses FastAPI? Or does it make perfect sense from the perspective of abstraction?
Hi Michiel, you absolutely could have an abstraction layer between your end user application and Prefect's api, especially if the inputs you gather from the user are not the exact inputs needed to call our API directly (aka put the logic in your own backend)
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