Anjaneyulu K

11/07/2022, 7:15 PM
Hello everyone , Good Afternoon! I am trying to use Deployment.build_from_flow() in python. Its not generating deployment config Yaml file in the current location. Should I use explicitly LocalFileSystem? I hope this is used to upload/copy a deployment files to another location

Mason Menges

11/07/2022, 7:18 PM
Hey @Anjaneyulu K the deployment yaml is basically serving as a artifact that represent what will be passed to the api when you apply the deployment, the
arguments in a python script serve the same function in that sense to there's no need to generate a deployment yaml, you would just call
on the deployment object directly instead within the script.

Anjaneyulu K

11/07/2022, 7:33 PM
Gotcha. So if I want to make use of Yaml, only way is command prompt with Prefect deployment build right? And I am trying to use LocalFileSystem in EC2 linux machine but file path is not identifying. I have created LocalFileSystem block from Orion UI and using in python code
Am I missing something here