# prefect-community

Fancy Arora

11/07/2022, 5:42 PM
Hi Everyone, is it possible to use the below thing for prefect 2.0?

Mason Menges

11/07/2022, 6:00 PM
Hey @Fancy Arora this is probably a good article to check out in reference to this I'm not 100% certain on this since I haven't tried out this pattern specifically myself but generally speaking I think you should be able to package you're code into a custom image with this infrastructure block and when the deployment runs since it should be include in the image it should be able to run the flow, the most you might need to do would be to specify the local path to the flow within the image itself, not sure on that one specifically. But in theory I think this is doable 😄 I'll try this out later myself as well to be sure though. Side Note: This is a great question to through the in the #prefect-docker channel 😄