Dan Wise

11/07/2022, 9:23 AM
Hi, my name is Dan. I work as a senior technologist at BH Digital in London. We are currently using Prefect v1 for our data flows. Looking for tips on how to migrate to v2 in an efficient way.
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Jeff Hale

11/07/2022, 12:35 PM
Hi Dan! Welcome to the community! 🎉
Because organizations use Prefect differently, once you’ve got the concepts down and have tried the tutorials, I’d suggest starting to refactor flows to v2 and asking the community if get stuck along the way.


11/07/2022, 1:23 PM
👋 Welcome to the community, @Dan Wise!

Anna Geller

11/07/2022, 1:41 PM
Welcome, Dan!

Chris Reuter

11/07/2022, 2:21 PM
Howdy @Dan Wise!


11/07/2022, 2:51 PM
Welcome @Dan Wise!

Dan Wise

11/07/2022, 3:55 PM
Thanks for the welcome. My main question is how to move flows over from v1 to v2 incrementally. The prefect library on v2 is not compatible with v1 so the only way I can see to do it is create a new conda virtual env. Problem with that is that while migrating, we will have to maintain two envs2, the old and new, and keep these in sync apart from the prefect library. Is there a better way to achieve this?

Jeff Hale

11/07/2022, 7:44 PM
It might be helpful to build a staging environment to build and test out V2 flows. Then flip the switch to send the v2 flows live when you know things are working well and you can avoid having to migrate in parts. I’m not sure how frequently your flows run and if that setup makes sense for you, but it might be an option.

Aimee McManus

11/07/2022, 9:29 PM
Hey @Dan Wise welcome aboard! 🚢 🎉