john eipe

11/07/2022, 1:18 AM
Hey everyone, 'Im trying to evaluate Prefect against Airflow. I have implemented solutions on Airflow for a couple of customers and now I'm doing a MVP on Prefect to check if it is a good replacement for my future projects. Does prefect have a way of dynamically creating flows and tasks based on metadata (json, yaml, etc) ? The metadata could be something like details of the name of flow and its tasks which includes the task name and function and its order of execution.

Kalise Richmond

11/07/2022, 5:08 PM
Hey @john eipe, flows and tasks are defined in python. Flows can take parameters that can dynamically change the structure of the flow and which tasks that flow would use. You can use the python api or rest api to trigger a flow run (instance of the flow) with different parameters.