James Vaughan

11/04/2022, 7:59 PM
Hey folks! I'm working in Presto 1.0 trying to sort out how to debug this error:
Version group 92f0a1ae-7793-41bd-a662-d4cabbe103bf has no unarchived flows
This same error crops up when I use the Flow ID itself. I'm trying to do this with CURL just to play with the UI and build some code out as I can't just use the python lib due to some restrictions. Can someone check out the code in the thread and let me know if you have any thoughts here?
curl --data '{"query":"mutation($input: createFlowRunInput!) { createFlowRun( input: $input ){ flow_run{ id } } }", "variables": {"input": { "versionGroupId": "92f0a1ae-7793-41bd-a662-d4cabbe103bf", "parameters": "{\"OpportunityID\": \"test\"}" }}}' \
  -H 'Authorization: Bearer snip' \
  -H 'Content-type: application/json' \
Seems straightforward, and when I unfurl the query to run inside of the interactive API it works fine, ie:
mutation {
    input: {flow_id: "25ae197c-035e-468a-a5eb-88d3cfed4222", parameters: "{\"ret_id\": \"test\"}"}
  ) {
  "data": {
    "create_flow_run": {
      "id": "fd728db3-b3e9-453d-a65c-71b600b08770"
Not sure what's going on here, any ideas?
Also the full error returned:
{"errors":[{"path":["createFlowRun"],"message":"Version group 92f0a1ae-7793-41bd-a662-d4cabbe103bf has no unarchived flows.","extensions":{"code":"INTERNAL_SERVER_ERROR"}}],"data":{"createFlowRun":null}}
Looks like the problem is that this error can be returned if your api key is not registered for use with the correct tenant. It's a strange error as it implies that the flow exists, but simply can't be executed! Hopefully this helps someone else in the future.