Hello. Have few questions about the flow runs in P...
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Hello. Have few questions about the flow runs in Prefect 2: 1. How to restart flow run from the start(as I understand retry will restart only failed tasks)? 2. How to cancel the flow run(Currently see only 'Delete' option)? Thanks
Hey @Vadym Dytyniak I'll do my best to answer these 1. Restarting a flow run re-triggers the whole run but you are correct that is only actually re-runs tasks in a failed, canceled or crashed state, generally speaking if you wanted a fresh run I'd probably suggest just kicking off a new flow run, is there a reason in this case you wouldn't want to do that? 2. To my knowledge we don't have specific support for cancelling a flow run as of now but it is definitely on the roadmap to include.
Hey. Thank you for your answers. 1. We would like to have clear(success) history, so full restart should help to change failed flow to success one. It was supported in V1 by changing flow run state to scheduled for example. 2. In that case we are waiting for this change.