Ikkyu Choi

11/04/2022, 6:01 AM
Hi, I have a question .. I got a some flow id on cli (i.e., prefect get flows), and then i try to get flow’s status like is_running. So, I use FlowRunView.from_flow_run_id(‘my flow id’) but I got a ValueError: No flow runs found while querying for flow runs where ~~. Could you any one help me?

Mason Menges

11/04/2022, 4:05 PM
Hey @Ikkyu Choi assuming this is for prefect 2 which command are you running to check the flow run ids
prefect flow ls
prefect flow-run ls
? if you put in a flow Id when querying for flow runs it won't returning anything.
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Ikkyu Choi

11/07/2022, 12:23 AM
Hi Menges! I confused`flow id` and
flow-run id
. Thank you for answering!