Im looking to execute some `dbt ...` commands from...
# prefect-dbt
Im looking to execute some
dbt ...
commands from prefect. It seems there is a lot of overhead to getting this working. My steps (my head at least are): • Grab the appropriate dbt docker image • Pull my dbt repo • do a docker run, something like this:
docker run -v /repo/loc/:/src/ -w /src/ image_name run --select ...
I see there are both prefect-docker and prefect-dbt collections. Curious what others have done...
Prefect will handle the "docker run" for you, depending on how you have your flow set up to be executed
That gets specified during deployment in the infrastructure
This all depends on where you want your flows to run, but from what I am inferring that is going to be: As a docker container running on a virtual machine. Which means you want to use this and specify the DBT image, so all you have to worry about in your code is the DBT commands. We have some great blog content and discourse content out there to help!
I see. That makes sense. Thanks