I'm curious how people tend to document their Pref...
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I'm curious how people tend to document their Prefect flows. Do people primarily fall back on Python module-level documentation (and build a static website using something like Sphinx), or is there a way to display documentation of a flow in the Prefect UI?
You can use flow read mes: https://docs.prefect.io/orchestration/ui/flow.html#read-me Never used them personally but they seem pretty good
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Perfect, that's exactly what I was looking for but somehow I missed this section of the docs. Thanks Eddie!
Any chance you know if these can also be set programmatically?
+1 for programmatic way, maybe an option is to store that within the flow on the same storage like md file?
Not super sure on the programmatic side. Might be able to hack something together using the GraphQL API. I do a few things in my CI/CD which hits the API to provision other things about flows (state change webhooks for example)
README is a good way of approaching adding flow-level documentation Here is user-contributed code to set README programmatically