Hi community, does anyone have a cool Prefect + Gr...
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Hi community, does anyone have a cool Prefect + Great Expectations use case? Looking for an example to include in a blog.
A thought is a weather forecast data assimilation (ingesting weather data for a weather model). Sometimes, observational data goes awry due to the instrument growing old and miscalibrated, or external sources such as airplane causing a gust leading to extraneously high wind speeds measured
Ask @Niels Prins
cc @Matthias tagging in case you have something shareable 🙂
Well, I don't have any datasets that you could use. But we use GE for validating our outputs right before we publish them to other systems that require the outputs. Having the GE output visible from the Prefect UI (as an artifact) is super useful for debugging
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Awesome! Yes not looking for data but a use case.