Shiyu Gan

03/23/2022, 2:51 AM
Meta question about discourse, is slack or discord the more active community for discussion?

Kevin Kho

03/23/2022, 2:52 AM
If your question is already answered on Discourse, we will normally just point you to that link anyway. You can use both for asking questions and we’ll make sure you’ll get a response

Anna Geller

03/23/2022, 11:35 PM
@Shiyu Gan sorry for the late response about that. Exactly as Kevin said, we do our best to answer user questions wherever they are coming from - Slack, Discourse, GitHub, StackOverflow, you name it! Discourse serves primarily as a knowledge base and a forum for sharing tutorials, content, and deeper technical discussions. Slack is better for ad-hoc communication e.g. if you have a simple question or one that requires an immediate response. We have a blog post that discusses this more: If for some reason your question hasn't been answered on Discourse (I believe there are no open ones atm), please LMK!