Meta question about discourse, is slack or discord...
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Meta question about discourse, is slack or discord the more active community for discussion?
If your question is already answered on Discourse, we will normally just point you to that link anyway. You can use both for asking questions and we’ll make sure you’ll get a response
@Shiyu Gan sorry for the late response about that. Exactly as Kevin said, we do our best to answer user questions wherever they are coming from - Slack, Discourse, GitHub, StackOverflow, you name it! Discourse serves primarily as a knowledge base and a forum for sharing tutorials, content, and deeper technical discussions. Slack is better for ad-hoc communication e.g. if you have a simple question or one that requires an immediate response. We have a blog post that discusses this more: If for some reason your question hasn't been answered on Discourse (I believe there are no open ones atm), please LMK!