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Chu Lục Ninh

03/27/2022, 11:31 AM
Hi @Kevin Kho, Orion is getting more attractive now. But the collection is only maintained by prefect, can I contribute to Orion task collection? Or any guide to create my own task collection and share that to other developers?

Kevin Kho

03/27/2022, 3:02 PM
I will tell the people behind collections to respond to you tom. I don’t know the guidelines yet myself since they’re a bit new

Anna Geller

03/27/2022, 6:36 PM
@Chu Lục Ninh you can absolutely contribute your own custom collections, and in fact, we totally encourage that! 👏 You can find a guide on how to get started with contributing collections here, and here is a guide on how to contribute to Prefect 2.0 in general. Here is a copy: Anyone can create and share a Prefect Collection and we encourage anyone interested in creating a collection to do so! Generating a project To help you get started with your collection, we've created a template that gives you the tools you need to create and publish your collection. To generate a collection from the template, run the following:
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# 1. Install cookiecutter
pip install cookiecutter

# 2. Generate a Prefect Collection project
cookiecutter <>
After your project has been generated, refer to the in the generated project for information about developing your collection. Listing in the Collections Catalog To list your collection in the Prefect Collections Catalog, submit a PR to the Prefect repository adding a file to the
directory with details about your collection. Please use
in that folder as guide.
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Chu Lục Ninh

03/28/2022, 3:52 AM
thanks @Anna Geller, I will create the collection in-house first then publish it when it is stable enough
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