Hey guys! Quick question about the DockerRun confi...
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Hey guys! Quick question about the DockerRun config. I am running a docker agent on an EC2 instance and have specified a custom image that I have added my flow dependencies to. But keep getting an 404 image not found error(no such image: repo/image_name:tag). This is the same even from prefect core images for a simple test flow. Is there something I could have missed in the agent config?
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I am also using GCS storage and building the docker image in CI/CD
To ensure it is an issue with your Prefect setup. Can you use a simple
docker run
on that EC2 instance?
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Can you share more about what your CI/CD process is doing? For example, if this builds an image with a specific tag, then you would need to ensure that the same image tag is set on your
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with Flow(
    run_config=DockerRun(image="community:latest", labels=["docker"]),
) as flow:
    hw = hello_world()
I believe I overlooked some logs.Turns out it was a low storage issue on the EC2 instance and the pull command was hitting an error because of it. Just tested it again and it seem to be working on a test flow. Will circle back if anything else come up. Thanks for the recommendations @Matthias and @Anna Geller.
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Nice work!