Hello! I’m new to Prefect so please excuse the new...
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Hello! I’m new to Prefect so please excuse the newbie question. If using Prefect Cloud, do I still need to deploy an agent somewhere? (let’s say I want to trigger a dbt run on dbt cloud). From what I can see from the docs, I always need an agent running to listen for the trigger. I was wondering I could perhaps setup an API endpoint to spin up say a docker container on demand, triggered by Prefect cloud. It looks like I still need an agent running to do that, unless I’m missing the point? Thanks
Yes, you do. Think of Prefect Cloud as your orchestration layer and your agent as the execution layer. Simply running the command
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prefect agent local start
will spin up a local agent to get you started. For more details, see this documentation page
We are working on Prefect 2.0 which is currently in beta - if you're just getting started, you may start directly with Prefect 2.0 and Cloud 2.0
Ok thanks for confirming that Anna!
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Just making sure you know we have a task for that
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