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Haseeb Ahmad

04/06/2022, 3:01 PM
Hi guys. We're trying to set our log format to log everything JSON so we can consume it in Datadog and search the logs. We'd targetting the following format:
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  "flow_name": "",
  "flow_id": "",
  "task_name": "",
  "task_id": "",
  "message": "",
  "customer_id": ""
The questions we have are: 1. Is using
the correct place to specify the JSON format? 2. How can we handle this additional attribute
. Our intent here is for most tasks that are related to our customers to do something like
<|>('Something', customer_id)
3. To the previous point, how can we extend this further such that we can add arbitrary parameters or objects to the log,
<|>('Something', my_object,my_second_object)
and have them show up nsted in the json?

Kevin Kho

04/06/2022, 3:11 PM
I believe you can’t change the logging format for Cloud runs. I think the closest thing you can do is outputting these with the standard Prefect logger. If you have a function that formats the message, you can use it in the task.
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def write_log(message):
    res = {"flow_name": prefect.context.flow_name,
     "flow_id": prefect.context.flow_id
     "message": message
    return res

def some_task():
    logger = prefect.context.get("logger")
For customer_id, is it’s a parameter, you can get it with
. If it’s not a parameter to your flow, then you need to write it when doing
For the arbitrary parameters, you could just accept **kwargs in the write_log function above and format it yourself