Iā€™m migrating my flow code from prefect 0.15 to or...
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Iā€™m migrating my flow code from prefect 0.15 to orion
. do you know where the
is located now? Before I was importing
from prefect import resource_manager
https://docs.prefect.io/core/idioms/resource-manager.html CC @Anna Geller @Kevin Kho
Great news: you just no longer need the resource manager! šŸ™‚ Instead, you can use any Python context manager to facilitate a cleanup process, such as restoring various kinds of a global state, locking and unlocking resources, closing opened files, etc. This page dives into details
in general, for migration-specific questions, check out this Discourse tag that has resources that may help you with migration
oh nice. thank you so much anna!
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Thanks for the example. The example there, is still valid for creating an EMR/Spark cluster ? just a function with a try/finally block instead of a dedicated class?
Yup exactly!
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