Hello Everyone! New user of Prefect here :slightly...
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Hello Everyone! New user of Prefect here 🙂 I am trying to understand if using map makes sense here. Currently, I am looping through a dataframe to get values and assign them as variables to pass to tasks. The code below works fine but wanted to know is mapping a viable solution?
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def prefect_flow():
    with Flow('cloud_reporting_etl') as flow:
        for column, value in jobs_df.iterrows():
            job_name = value['Job Name']
            query = value['Query']
            filename = value['Filename']
            extracted = extract_data(f"""{query}""")
            load_data_to_s3(extracted, filename)
    return flow
I think this if this code works in the Flow block, it means none of these are tasks right? Is that
a task? The first issue is that more of these needs to be converted to task. The end will look something like this
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with Flow(..) as flow:
    col, val = some_task_to_return_rows(jobs_df)
    job_name = retrieve_val.map(val, 'Job Name')
    query = retrieve_val.map(val, 'Query')
    filename = retrieve_val.map(val, 'Filename)
    extracted = extract_data.map(query) # can't use f-string
    load_data_to_s3.map(extracted, filename)
    return flow
is something like
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def retrieve_val(value, field):
    return value[field]
But yes this can also be solved with one pandas apply. So you only map over rows if you need retries for each record, otherwise it’s not too useful to pay for prefect
Thanks! @Kevin Kho.