Alexander Butler

04/14/2022, 6:13 AM
One more question thats far more importantly than the YAML flow deployment config... If I want to bundle a self contained application as a docker image which required no ui interfacing to stand up Prefect 2.0, so
prefect orion start
prefect deployment create ...
prefect work-queue create -t etl -- etl-queue
HERE IS THE GAP -- the response to the above command is something like
, which is useless when setting something up from the CLI without sed/awk?
prefect agent start 'no simple headless way to derive id...'
The less appealing part afterwards is that
prefect work-queue ls
renders a table which is pretty in a CLI but useless again to simply get an ID. Has anyone set up Prefect 2.0 to self deploy in an image along with all their code? The ephemeral nature makes this very advantageous with what seems to be a tiny unconsidered gap. I am pretty sure a more reliable consistent way to get work queue is all thats needed basically, but if I am totally missing it just lmk. I am a big fan of the package for the record but now its crunch time production use attempts 🙂
Even with (really) awkward bash, you risk string truncation 🙃
prefect work-queue ls | tail -3 | head -1 | cut -d "│" -f 2
Also FYI that pipe isnt a pipe but a unique unicode char LOL I need to crash

Anna Geller

04/14/2022, 9:33 AM
I have great news for you - you don't need any of that because you can start the agent simply by passing a work queue name rather than the UUID. You can do:
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prefect work-queue create -t etl etl
then, you can start your agent using:
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prefect agent start etl
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I am a big fan of the package for the record but now its crunch time production use attempts 🙂
Great to hear that; feel free to share your feedback along the way. We have a special tag on Discourse for feedback
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