What are the best practices for managing Docker im...
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What are the best practices for managing Docker image names?
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docker_storage = Docker(
It seems like each flow could demand its own image in order to separate dependencies, which would mean creating an ECR repo for each workflow? I suppose this wouldn't be that difficult to script with Github Actions and aws-cli globbing a directory for workflow names?
You can have multiple Flows in the same container, but a couple of links. Check this, and more importantly, this. But also, I think the best practice is fixed name but versioned tag, though I understand if that gets tricky in CI/CD
We’re using a single “mega-container” that contains all of our flows individual dependencies, which lives inside of a single ECR repo. The container has scripts for different entrypoint/commands for each Task.
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Yeah, it seems like any benefit of small containers with individual sets of dependencies won't be realized for a while given our small ETL setup right now. So Myles' setup probably makes sense for now.
Also worth a read
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