Hi everyone! :wave: :slack: Today we are adding ...
# prefect-community
Hi everyone! 👋 S Today we are adding 11 new channels to our Slack Community to open up conversations and discussions relating not only Prefect-specific topics but data engineering and data science. We want this Community to be a place where you can collaborate and get help with your data regardless of the stack or tool you are using. We can all share tips, tricks, and learn together. We have new cloud-specific channels for #prefect-aws, #prefect-gcp, #prefect-azure Channels dedicated to #prefect-kubernetes, #prefect-docker, #prefect-dbt, and #prefect-cloud New channels for #prefect-integrations, #prefect-recipes and #prefect-getting-started that will have live stream events for Build-a-Block or Code with Marvin. Lastly, we are so grateful for all of you in our Community that we wanted to create a #gratitude channel where we can all share our thanks for one another. So make sure to check out the new channels, join the conversations, and look for new events and announcements. tl;dr - 11 new channels in slack and lots of new events or watch the video 😉 📺 https://www.loom.com/share/5ad9da90d6ab4beeadcbd7de6ef7a527
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