I have a current organization of: - Dockerfile - p...
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I have a current organization of: • Dockerfile • package ◦ init.py with DockerStorage tied to ECR • projects ◦ example ▪︎ flow.py Given this, I keep running into the fact that package can't find the Dockerfile in the root directory. What's the context for the flows that are registered? I tried using relative pathing, (i..e, "../Dockerfile") but I'm not sure what the base directory is. I could try just moving the Dockerfile into package in the same directory as init.py, but I'm trying to understand what I'm doing wrong here.
Are you using Docker storage like this? I think in general though you can’t build from a folder above? I might be wrong though. Very unconfident on that.
I also tried moving the Dockerfile to package so that it's in the same as
and the same issue happens. I'd like to avoid having to have a Dockerfile per project or something.
The only way I could import the Config class across flows was to build and install the package with setup.py:
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def storage(cls):
        if getenv("ENV") == "dev":
            # from prefect.storage import Local

            # return Local()
            from prefect.storage import Docker

            return Docker()
            from prefect.storage import Docker

            return Docker(
I wonder if the path since it's imported to the flow is relative to the flow itself?
Can you try using ../Dockerfile instead of using the path there?
path is a path to the flow file in the image if you use
Thanks - So the solution (I think) was to actually delete the path and dockerfile args and let it inherit the default. Same filename - same location - but now works. 😕
path is the path for the Flow file though inside the container. I think you were misusing the path keyword there
Dockerfile args might work