# prefect-community

Ahmed Ezzat

04/22/2022, 4:35 AM
Good morning everyone Is there any way to package docker workflows in prefect 2.0 yet (to be used in Kubernetes and Dask)? something like docker storage in prefect 1.0 or at least any workaround like instructions on how to package the workflow? I'd love to use prefect 2.0 in our infra but that really prevents me to do so

Kevin Kho

04/22/2022, 10:04 AM
No interface yet, but this is actively being worked on. The goal is also to have something more friendly than Prefect 1 where only the Flow file was kept but dependencies were not. At the moment, you’d have to package the container yourself and then use the KubernetesFlowRunner/DaskTaskRunner or DockerFlowRunner/DaskTaskRunner
For general instructions, it should just be packing all your dependencies in the image